Saturday, December 13, 2008

Writings by Grandmother Tonalmitl


The Moondance is a spiritual work that has profound repercusions in the internal lives of women. The invocation of the natural feminine forces causes certain capacities that women have, to grow exponentially. The Moondance has the marvelous capacity to increase feminine energy, augment the acceptance of women of their own feminine essence, raise their self esteem, but also sharpen their perceptive capacities and their profound comprehension. Physiologically it regulates and normalizes their menstrual cycle and it incredibly increments their fertility.

The effects that the Moondance produces is the same for all ages, only that younger women (younger than 16 years of age) are still not completely formed in their feminine essence, but they can still be allowed to Moondance and to come out at any moment that they feel they need to come out because their will has not developed yet. Nevertheless, their Moondance is not counted, but they are allowed to participate knowing that the Moondance will strengthen their feminine essence.

Pregnant women up to 2 months of pregnancy have attended the Moondance and have not presented any problems during the Moondance, after the Moondance or in the delivery. They are asked not to fast because it is important to take care of the baby. It has been observed that the exposure to the Moon rays and the energy of the Moondance helps in the calcification of the bones and the healing of fractures, therefore it is very probable that it also enhances the development of the baby.

Nevertheless, it is important to observe the context of the feminine problems, because due to cultural implications, women have been mistreated and abused, which provokes in them an enormous variety of physical illnesses and emotional problems. So it is very important to highlight that yes, the Moondance gives women the opportunity to access powerful feminine forces of nature, but it is also true that if a permanent personal desire and effort does not exist and is not realized throughout the year to resolve bad past experiences, forgiving others and herself in a true desire to liberate herself forever from the past, the Moondance will not provoke the benefitial effects it produces and a severe critical condition of the internal physical and emotional problems can occur. So it is good to be very alert to these situations and to be ready to resolve them letting the past go.

The Moondance is beneficial for women who suffer from cancer because it allows them to expel what they have inside, resolve the internal conflicts that have caused the illness, and enter into a healing process of their moral issues. The Moondance can provoke a severity of their condition, that is why it is recommended to attend with their necessary medicines. In cases of light hemorraghe, they can remain inside of the circle, dancing or resting in the south area of the circle. There is no guarantee that the cancer will be cured, and the sick women who attend must do it under their own risk, because their healing depends first and foremost on their discipline and their effort they use to clean and sweep their past.

All this information is based on actual happenings and it is the result of more than ten years of experiences in the Moondance.

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