Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl is blowing the Sacred Atekokolli in the four directions calling on the Generals, Captains, and Palabras of the Mexicayotl groups, Conchero groups, Kalpullis, organizations and individuals devoted to preserve the ancient teachings to come together and create flowers with our prayers, our danza, our songs, our traditions and our beliefs! Come and pay respect to our venerable Mother Tonantzin Coatlicue, La Virgen Morena, La Virgen de Guadalupe!
When? Dec. 12, 2008 starting at 12 midnight at Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl in Austin, Texas.
We are thankful for your offerings of flowers, copal, cedar, sage, tobacco and fruit. Tlazokamati

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