Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mexica Teachings

Kualli Yohualli Guerreros y Guerreras

Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl wants to share the knowledge behind the Mexicayotl. Our intention is to share with you and send you weekly information that will be posted on this blog. We will open a day of the month for teachings to come over and explore the information presented to you. We will use dialogue, lecture, and different teaching methods to extend to all the learning styles present. Some people learn best by reading, some by listening, some visually, some by talking, some by writing, some by experiencing and some doing a little bit of everything that's why we feel it is important to have several methods of teaching present. These teaching methods along with the practices of the ceremonies is essential for any warrior of the Mexicayotl. It is important to have both el espiritu y el "conocimiento".
Knowing that one of our worse enemies of today is TIME, we know that we are running around like "caballos desbocados" as my grandma would say and it is a big effort on our part and on your part to use some of our limited time to share, learn, teach, explore.
We challenge you to use some of your time to be part of Kalpulli Teoakalli Teoyolotl Calmecatl. And ironically we will refer to the account of time (cuauhpohualli) and the tonal machiotl frequently because a lot of the knowledge and wisdom comes from the study of TIME.
We will meet for the first time March 21 after the temazkal and after we eat and clean up. It will be a day full of teachings and experiences and celebration. Those of you who are planning to come be ready to relax afterwards and enjoy the sharing on our day of Spring Equinox.

Focus: Mexica Philosophy

Some of you have read this information but it is a different experience to dissect it in a circle of conocimiento. We invite you to read it, and bring your questions or experiences or comments to the circle to learn more about it.

Mexica Somos y en el camino andamos!
but do we know what it is to be Mexica?
Let's start with the basics

Mexica philosophy was created based on natural phenomena. Mexica philosophy is profound, intelligent, deep, wise, intense, beautiful, because it deciphers everything about life, present and future. (Concept of time being cyclical)

The name of this Continent is Ixachilatlan (different citations have different ways to spell the name) and it means INMENSIDAD immensity
The original population of Ixachilatlan was AUCTOCTONA autoctonous, that is they did not come from other continents. They were native to Ixachilatlan. (attention to the chronology)

Chronology of the roots of our culture (what is time?, here we go again with time)
In our present measurements coming from the European calendar, time is linear. For our ancestors time is cyclical and it appears time after time. The chronology of our roots is very important because if you know and understand the chronology you will be able to speak the truth and stand up tall in front of the lies and abuses that sometimes we go through when it is pretended that we as Mexicas are less than or inferior to.
Olmeca -------Florida and Tabasco
Maya-------Southeast of the country Tabasco, Guatemala, Honduras
Teotihuakatl ------Meseta Central
Mexikatl ------7 last pueblos
1st Xochimilco
2nd. Akolhua-Lake Texcoco
3rd. Tekpanekatl- (azkapotzalko-northeast)
4th Xalko
5th Tlaxkalan (east)
6th Tlahuika (tepoztlan)
7th Aztekatl Metzciko-

Metz de Meztli (luna) Xi -Xiktli (ombligo) Ko- lugar
Los Mexicas vivian en el centro del lago de la luna
The Mexica Pantli and its symbols.
the penasco = solid base
the nopal = immortality
el aguila = majestic, value, noble
the serpent???? which serpent? there was no serpent!!! The symbol is........

Come and explore these symbols with us March 21, 2009
Temazkal at noon
Please arrive at 11 am to prepare
Pot luck
Approximate time to eat after the temazkal 3pm to 4pm
Clean up time 4pm to 5pm
Teachings 5-7pm If you cannot make it for the temazkal and you can come for the teachings that's ok. Just let us know
Rosa Tupina and Antonio Acatzin
Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl
Austin, Texas


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