Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrating The Mexica New Year

Since last Friday March 6Th the celebrations began in many part of this Continent called Ixachilatlan many moons ago and now known as America.

Thanks to the efforts of many of our ancestors, our elders, our wise men and women, the knowledge of the "cuentas del tiempo" has been preserved. We pray at this moment for all our people whose lives were taken due to all the acts of genocide and for defending the Mexicayotl with their blood. We honor them in these 5 days.

The preservation of amazing, incredible and fascinating work to understand the time and not only understand it but feel it with all our senses is the work of many men and women who came before us. We are very fortunate to live these experiences of celebration of the times and passing on the knowledge to our loved ones so they can learn to love it and respect it.

In spite of differences from some scholars that correlate the "cuentas" in one way or another, (there's various reputable methods available with differences), the essence of honoring the Mexica year is present today and that is important. There is still plenty of room for scholars to come together and debate and do more studies on the Tonal Machiotl. That in itself shows us that it has taken years of study to be able to understand the surface of the magnificent Mexica calendar considered the most precise measurement of time and space.
What does this mean?? Wow! to me I'm just without words! Me quedo sin palabras!
That's why this is a time of reflection, specially the 5 days prior to the new year.

The Nemontemi days are the 5 days that are observed before the new year enters. That is, from the 7Th to the11Th of March.

Time is the cosmic perception of what our ancestors used to live, in harmony, in communion with the Ometeotl, the Tloque Nahuaque, the essences, the forces, the generators of life, the elements, everything that is, transferred into a material form, a stone sculpted to capture the movement and preserve the knowledge!
We are very fortunate because we have inherited this wonderful legacy, treasure. I can't even find the words to describe what I feel at this moment as I am trying to share my reflection of the past days.

Nemontemi days, we have been told by the elders that it is a time to reflect upon the life we have lived the previous year, the year 9 tecpatl in this case.

The reflection is done with the purpose of transition to the new year. Individually each person needs to know what changes he/she needs to make for the collective purpose to let go and to begin.

The new Mexica Year 10 Calli will begin at 12 am on the 12 Th of March

Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl wishes you and your community a Happy Mexica Year!

We have been in reflection these days and serving our community to reinforce our commitment as a Kalpulli and we have chosen to celebrate it maintaining a sacred fire and with the Council of women of Alma de Mujer on Sunday 8Th with a sacred temazkal and we will end the celebration with another temazkal for the group of Men from the local TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Abuse), marking our upcoming work with circles for men and circles for women at Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl. We thank the community of Austin for opening the doors so the work can continue and so that the preservation and love of the Mexicayotl grows.

Tlazokamati to all our brothers and sisters observing these days and celebration as well!
Nos unimos a sus rezos!

Rosa Tupina y Antonio Acatzin
Kalpulli Teokalli Teoyolotl
Austin, Texas

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